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Ingredient Sourcing

We take extreme pride in our ingredient sourcing using all organic and non-gmo produce. All of our baking and pantry products are organic or non-gmo. The majority of our meats are organic and non-gmo and we only source meats that are humanely raised and free of nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and fillers. Our gratitude goes to these partners in making our menu concept come to life. We encourage our patrons to support the local organic food culture in the Midwest. If you have any questions about our menu sourcing or ingredients, please ask!
— Maria Adrian, Executive Chef & Partner

Organic Eggs  & Chicken | Larry Schultz Organics, Minnesota

Organic Produce, Organic Dairy & Specialty Local Products | Co-op Partners, Minnesota

Free Range & Nitrate Free Turkey | Ferndale Market, Minnesota

Non GMO & Nitrate Free Pork | Beelers, Iowa

Organic Pasture Raised Beef | Organic Valley

Organic Coffee Roaster | Driven Coffee Roasters, Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your kitchen a dedicated gluten free kitchen?

Yes! Our entire menu is gluten free and our kitchen and all of our equipment is dedicated gluten free. We've also taken great care in sourcing ingredients that are certified gluten free and/or naturally gluten free and not prepared on shared equipment with wheat.

Is all of your food organic and non-GMO?

Organic is non-gmo always! Everything we source from our spices and condiments to our flours and cheeses are either organic or non-gmo. Some items are non-gmo but do not have certification to keep their price point affordable or are in process of becoming certified and their packaging does not yet reflect their non-gmo status. Our proteins are all organic or non-gmo with the exception of our Turkey. Ferndale Turkey is Minnesota raised, free-range hormone, antibiotic and nitrate-free.

Is your menu allergy friendly?

Our menu and facility is 100% free of peanuts, shellfish, fish, and wheat. Our servers are equipped with iPads that have all allergen and ingredient information available at their fingertips. If you have a specific allergy please tell your server and they will advise as well as make an allergy protocol note for the kitchen. We happily accommodate substitutions and special requests to ensure you and your family have a positive and informed dining experience.

Is your menu entirely dairy free?

Every menu item comes dairy free as a default. We do not use dairy in any of our base recipes. However, as part of our mission to be a restaurant where everyone feels comfortable and welcome, we have a variety of organic and non-gmo dairy products available a la carte. This is also to provide more options for those individuals with nut and soy allergies.

What oils do you cook with?

We sauté and fry in an organic refined coconut oil. (We can substitute non-gmo grape seed oil for sautéing if there is a coconut allergy.) Our house-made ranch and green goddess use the grape seed oil. Our lemony herb vinaigrette dressing uses organic sunflower oil. (We also have non-gmo olive oil and balsamic vinegar as another salad dressing option.) Our hollandaise and baked goods use soy free earth balance. Our mayo is made with organic soy oil.